Artwork by Arsenia: manoeuvring me back and forth to get me where she wants my shadow to be on the wall.
And of course the boobs.
Also pirates.

We’ve been setting up our new rooms and had a joint in each of them so far…so far so good, and cake for breakfast and very good and cheap coffee from the lovely cafe next door .
Also had our first squat meeting, where we actually managed to gather in one room for the first time for days, thanks to friends who were house sitting Bottsquat 1.
Pretty neighbourhood, a rooftop with a view, shower and kitchen … We’re so lucky!

Well yeah, the security company tried to actually break in at 4am yesterday in the fucking morning to drag us out of our beds and out on to the street but they ended up in front of the door, trying to push it open while shouting at Anna, Sara and Juda that they should open the door or they’d get arrested. Ha! So eventually the security guys (aka. bloody dodgy scare techniques pulling bastards) called the police and the police told them very politely that they need to fuck off…because we’re legally squatting. Haha!!


Sleep of the righteous after resisting and moving stuff all night before


Great news!!! After a few days of hassle including that our back up place (neighbourhood squat) to crash got evicted by the owners two hours before we were about to bring our stuff over there and only one day before IPO eviction of our own squat , we are now safe. The IPO papers were not delivered properly and we resisted eviction with the help of our friends, talking the police into leaving. Yannis, and all the others who came to support resisting, thank you! Botts squat has a few more weeks now as it seems. But not only that Botts squat is safe for now , the Botts have spread out. Teamwork, network, a decent amount of sleep deprivation, a lot of personal contribution from each of the Botts and the help of a barefoot wizard we also managed to open a new fantastic building close to our current one the night before the scheduled eviction of the Bott squat. So yeah, we’re taking over the neighbourhood ;). Love the Botts! All is well!


waiting for IPO papers to be delivered, no justice for the poor. :/
Gyula Derkovits: Court Order (1930)


"Richard, give me a massage!" Anna demands.
“Nah, Anna, I’m going on bike now.”
“But Richard, give me a massage!”
I agree with Anna and throw him a bottle of body lotion.
“Ok, but you give me massage after shower”
Anna is getting a massage.
“What,finished, that wasn’t long!”
“What, that was ten minutes. I looked on watch”
Richard gets ready for his bike trip through the neighbourhood.
“Richard, give me a massage!”
So I step over with a pen and start connecting all of Anna’s dots on her back.
“Stop laughing! Hold still! Finished”
“Show me”
Anna’s happy with what I drew.
“And now what? Do you want me to take it off?”
I hand paper towel and lotion to Juda. “Here Juda, teamwork”
He takes the drawing of her back…
“Juda, give me a massage!”
“I’ll trade a joint for a massage”
“I don’t have a joint. Juda, give me a massage.”
Juda gives Anna a massage.
“Stefanie, draw something else on my back. It’s relaxing.”
I walk over and … Give Anna a massage.
Juda is back….”how is this?”
He stands in front of the mirror and strokes down the wig.
“Haha, where did you get that?” I ask.
I take the wig and think I would have made a moderately ok blonde but I prefer my dreads.


So, it’s been a few hours since court and we’ve got ourselves eleven more days till adjournment. Will bringing home another bunch of skipped umbrellas and being happy as chips about it gives a feeling of back to normal. I guess I can borrow one to fly to work.


monday night and a few joints

and anna’s moving in.
and, “oh my god, what is this? i have two of the same!”
and, “oh my god, i brought my hats. i was so scared.” her new haircut. italian squatter style.

and looks in the mirror, “but i still look nice.” and tries on another, “and i look like i just came out of a cancer.”

and putting more stuff away, “this is going to be a mess in three seconds.”
and more, “wow, i’m fine. wow, i’m fine. cool.”
and richard, “well you’ll be fine when you find some place to put your… clothes.”
"anna can i have this back? i don’t have any bag to put my laptop in." "no!" "but anna, i don’t have any bag to but my…" "i’m going to give it back. in two days."

"wow, i have so many socks."
stephanie, “lucky you.”
"well, i’m going to lose them in two days."
richard, “socks are good to have.”
stephanie, “look at mine. they’re all the same.”

and marjorie is reading. dostoevsky. crime and punishment.
crime and punishments.
reflections on morality.
what is just.

"oh shit," 
anna unpacking something else.

i’m on facebook a bit.
writing a bit.
kerouac sitting at my feet. 
lonesome traveler.

anna sits on the hash chair and huffs,
"that was a lot of work."

"wow, the night that this is going to fall on my head, i’m going to be so scared," and she goes to her organizer she hung above her bed. her and marjorie and two screws.
"naw, i think it’s going to be all right."
and she goes off somewhere.

"want to watch a movie?"
"robin hood?"
"do you have it?"
"no. but on internet…"
me, ” it’s not going to work.”
"too much pussy?"
radu, “it’s a good movie?”
richard, “which? which movie?”
"uh she said… is it a real movie?"
"yeah she has it."
"oh i thought you were joking.
"no, it’s real."

and i just saw on facebook that richard matheson died today.

and so we’re go to watch a movie.
"are we going into your bed alex?"


Birthday cake for breakfast


Few more photos from the BBQ.


A super sized dumpster dive from last week.